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Hydrogeological Services

We render a universal quality and acceptable service in the area of water resources and environmental services ranging from geophysical / hydro geological services to its final stage of provision of pure, useable and acceptable water for all possible applicationss.


We have carried out investigations for a number of clients to identify fresh water bearing zones (aquifers) and to recommend suitable drilling sites.

We have drilled a tangible number of functional boreholes for clients across the country.

We own two deep borehole-drilling rigs – An Ingersol Rands ‘IR TH-60 and A Gardner Denver ‘150’ – and maintain a crop of experienced drilling crew.

We supply, install and service submersible and mechanical hand and solar pumps where necessary.

Building / Construction Services

Our offerings include contracting services on a wide variety of projects; from Conception & Finance, Road Construction and Road Rehabilitation, Design; Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) to Public Private Partnership.


Our company’s expertise ranges from office blocks to shopping centers, hospitals and schools. The rush for our services is a testament to our capability and the calibre of work that we can deliver to our clients.

Our successful performance in this sector is supported by a client base of major players in the industry who have commended Ojay’s Travels and Tours Ltd n its ability to deliver.

Award Letters / Completion Certificates of previous projects

Classroom Renovation


Office Renovation


Department Building


Installation of Equipment


Road Construction